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When producing a manual such as The ACM, there will always be varying opinions about the particular order of events, drug type and dosages, as well as information and events that should (or should not) be included.

The events chosen for this manual were based on commonly used simulator scenarios, results from the Australian Incident Monitoring Study, textbooks on crisis management and clinician surveys on those crises most feared.

I have drawn on international and national guidelines from professional bodies whenever they were available and appropriate. There are small variations in treatment pathways throughout the world, but in general, most of the important steps remain common to all.

However, if after using this manual, you have suggestions to improve its content or function, or you wish to highlight any typographical or drug dosage errors that may have slipped past the editorial process, then we would welcome your input. If you disagree with any aspect of the manual's content, whether it be a particular directive or drug choice, please leave your feedback for consideration and discussion.

David Borshoff